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2004_06_14,DoD biometrics, CAC biometric integration
A powerpoint presentation titled "Common Access Card (CAC) Biometric Integration Overview" by the Department of Defense Biometrics.DoD Biometrics Management Office, DoD Biometrics Fusion Center. Itwas presented at the PKI PKE Forum New Orleans 14-18 june 2004.
This document is from the Information Access Division of NIST. It explains why there should be a facial image in combination with two fingerprints containend in all international travel doquments. This is according to the FBI/NSA roadmap to worldwide biometrics.
Page 12 shows a diagram of all organisations involved, p. 34 lists the major US databases interconnected within the US_VISIT System. All European "passenger name records" [PNRs] are fed into that vast conglomerate of databases offering access to 15 major US government departments, agencies, the whole "intelligence community" together counting as one group.
2003_09_22,NBPS,National_Biometric Security_Project_overview.pdf
Biometric Consortium Consortium Conference, 2003 - National Biometric Security Project Overview: "NSA administration"
2003_12_16,EU_Parl_LIBE,PNR global_EU_approach.pdf
This document of capitulation is the EU-Commission's answer to the demand of detailed passenger data sets by the US. This "compromise" - only 34 out of 39 data fields per passenger is delivered e.g. - is scheduled to pass EU-parliament in March and find a broad majority.
2003_03_07,ICAO,structure process_MRTD.pdf
Structure and Process for Machine Readable Travel Machine Documents. A roadmmap presented at the spring meeting of the M1 meeting of INCITs in Spring.
2003_09_22,White_House,Agenda Biometric_Research.pdf
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on "The Evolving Federal Agenda for Agenda for Biometric Research. Containing a list of all major international players in the biometrics standardiszation process
2003_10_30,ISO_JTC1_SC37,list all_biometric_doqs
A list of all doquments circulated in the biometrics subcommitte SC 37 from 2002_8_29, when the newly founded SC 37 started working until 2003_10_30. This subcommittee is part of the Joint Technical Committee 1" [JTC1] of the International Standards Organization [ISO]. Their work is to create standards for all sorts of biometrics, enable interoperability of biometrics databases, devices, protocols and applications.


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