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Date: 1998-08-20

Links: Open Source rules

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q/depesche 98.8.20/3
updating 98.8.19/1

Links: Open Source rules

Wer gern beim morgigen Mega/meeting (98.8.21) der Open
Source Community in San Jose, California bei Freibier &
Gratispizza sitzen möchte, aber aus diversen Gründen leider
verhindert ist, der/die tröste sich mit ein paar freien

surfwork by Pit Schultz <> [with Richard Stallman's GNU
manifesto...] [with a great interface] [with the best business plan] [and the results?] [the real ones] [adaption from the content front] [a free + reliable linux] [a free bsd unix] [those who make money writing
the manuals] [adaption by the educational
community] [and the busines
community] [and another one] [a good basic text by
some islamists] [a whole conference on the end of
[the press smells
something hot] and many more...

Liste von

"Measuring the Impact of Free Software"

"What's New in Free and Open Source Software

"The Origins of Free and Open Source Software"

An article that deeply influenced Netscape's decision to
release its source code was Eric Raymond's "The Cathedral
and the Bazaar"

Another good article at the NetAction site is: "Information
Wants to be Valuable: A Report from the First O'Reilly Perl

There is also more information on NetAction's site at:

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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-08-20
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