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Date: 1998-09-17

Weltweites Echo: Wassenaar Campaign

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Weltweites Echo: Wassenaar Campaign

Die Aktion der Global Internet Liberty Campaign zieht weite
Kreise. Dazu hat sich das kanadische Aussenministerium zu
Wort gemeldet (c below) & erklärt, dass man dazu beitragen
werde, die Paragraphen des Vertrags in puncto Kryptographie
zu modernisieren.
Die Experten werden in Wien bis Ende nächster Woche tagen.

Telepolis hat nicht nur eine grosse Story, sondern auch die
Wassenaar/Erklärung Volltext ins Netz gestellt.

Weitere Berichte in &, wo auch die
besten Artikel über die angebliche Liberalisierung der
Crypto-Exportgesetze durch die US Regierung zu finden sind.

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>> From: Lynda Watson, Director Export Policy,
>> Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
>> Date: 16 Sep 1998 12:11:13 -0500
>> To: David Jones <>
>> Subject: re: GILC Statement on Wassenaar Arrangement

Thank you for taking the time to communicate your views to
I can assure you that the issues you mention will likely all
raised at some point in the proceedings, from various
by various parties. Canada's position will be a balanced
ensuring that the goals of exporters and privacy advocates
given equal weight to those of law enforcement and national
You have already noted that Wassenaar came into being to
national and regional security and stability, and to ensure
cryptography is not used by inappropriate end-users, for
applications, to destabilize security (including violent or
crime) and peace. But since our "clients" are the exporters
cryptography, we are always mindful of matters that related
to an
international level playing field, fairness and
transparency, and
the application of cryptography for peaceful commercial
related to protecting ones own organization against computer
Of course, as only one of 33 members, Canada will be part of
a larger
consensus-building process aimed at modernizing the current
agreements. Once again, thank-you for your input.

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published on: 1998-09-17
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