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Date: 1998-10-06

Bürgerrechte: OECD & GILC tagen in Ottawa

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In schöner Parallelität zum Ministertreffen der OECD morgen
7.10. in Ottawa hält auch die Global Internet Liberty
Campaign alldort eine Session ab. "The Public Voice in the
Development of Internet Policy" wird von Kanadas
Industrieminister John Manley eröffnet, der in der
vergangenen Woche für Aufsehen im Netz gesorgt hatte.
Manleys Vorschläge zur Freigabe von Kryptographie/exporten
stehen in diametralem Gegensatz zur Position der USA.
Aus DE ist Rigo Wenning ( vertreten, für AT
tritt Viktor Mayer-Schönberger (Harvard) auf

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The Global Liberty Internet Campaign (GILC) will sponsor
"The Public Voice in the Development of Internet Policy" in
Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday, October 7. The meeting is
scheduled to coincide with the Ministerial meeting of the
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
that begins in Ottawa on October 8.

The Public Voice conference is a public meeting on the role
of the citizen in the development of the information
society. The meeting will hear from consumer groups, human
rights organizations and civil liberties advocates on such
issues as privacy, access, consumer protection and human
rights in the 21st century.

John Manley, the Canadian Minister of Industry will be the
opening speaker. Mr. Manley will be followed by David
Johnston, the former Chair of the Canadian Information
Highway Advisory Council and former Provost of McGill
University. Stephen Lau, the Privacy Commissioner for
Personal Data in Hong Kong, will address the group in the
afternoon. Experts from Belgium, Canada, Norway, Britain,
Germany, Austria, Australia, and the United States will
discuss a range of important issues affecting consumers and
citizens in the on-line world.

The GILC meeting is being organized by EPIC in cooperation
with Federation Nationale des Associations de Consommateurs
du Quebec (Montreal), the Public Interest Advocacy Center
(Ottawa), and Electronic Frontiers Canada.

More information about the GILC Public Voice conference,
including registration information, is available at:
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edited by Harkank
published on: 1998-10-06
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