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Date: 2001-09-23

EFF gegen Mobilmachungs/gesetz

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Während andere angesichts der Kriegshysterie noch immer Low
Profile bewahren, mobilisiert die Electronic Frontier Foundation
Gegen den "Mobilization Against Terrorism Act. " Der
Gesetzentwurf verschiebe durch weit reichende
Überwachungsbefugnisse die "Checks and Balances" zwischen
Staat und Bürger hin zu ersterem.

Autoritäre Zeiten brechen an.

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ALERT: Surveillance Legislation Continues to Threaten Privacy

Act Today to Call for More Careful Consideration and Moderation

(Issued: Friday, September 21, 2001 / Deadline: Monday,
September 24, 2001)


San Francisco, California - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
(EFF) urges continued activism against the "Anti-Terrorism Act"
(ATA) [a.k.a. "Mobilization Against Terrorism Act" (MATA)],
proposed by the US Department of Justice, and related legislation
(presently 3 bills), because many provisions of the bills would
dramatically alter the civil liberties landscape through
unnecessarily broad restrictions on free speech and privacy rights
in the United States and abroad. Your urgent action is needed

EFF again urges Congress to act with deliberation in approving
only measures that are effective in preventing terrorism while
protecting the freedoms of Americans.

EFF believes this broad legislation would radically tip the United
States system of checks and balances, giving the government
unprecedented authority to surveil American citizens with little
judicial or other oversight.

Ashcroft's proposed legislation (distributed Sep. 19) comes in the
wake of the Senate's hasty passage of the "Combating Terrorism
Act" (CTA) on the evening of Sep. 13 with less than 30 minutes of
consideration on the Senate floor. On Sep. 20, Rep. Lamar Smith
circulated a draft bill very similar to CTA, called the Public Safety
and Cyber Security Enhancement Act (PSCSEA). A fourth and
more reasoned bill of this nature, from Sen. Patrick Leahy, is
expected soon.

The ATA/MATA is currently a draft bill, subject to a Senate
Judiciary Committee hearing and briefing on Mon., Sep. 24. The
CTA is presently a Senate-passed amendment to a House
appropriations bill. It is expected to be voted on in joint conference
committee early next week. The only real pressure point on the
CTA is the conference committee; whatever emerges will almost
certainly pass both houses near-unanimously. PSCSEA's future is
uncertain at this point, as is that of Sen. Leahy's (presently
unavailble) draft.

What YOU Can Do Now:

* Contact your own legislators about the ATA/MATA, the CTA and
the PSCSEA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Call them, and fax and/or
e-mail the EFF letter below today. For best effect, the messages
you send should be sent the morning of Mon. Sep. 24 or this
weekend if possible. Postal mail will be too slow on this issue.
Feel free to use this letter verbatim, or modify it as you wish. Let
them know that you do not believe liberty must be sacrified for
security. Please be polite and concise, but firm. For information on
how to contact your legislators and other government officials, see
EFF's "Contacting Congress and Other Policymakers" guide at:

terror und ueberwachung sind geschwister
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edited by Harkank
published on: 2001-09-23
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