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Date: 2002-10-25

EU: Google zensiert fuer Europa

Auf den Wunsch von "auslaendischen Regierungen"- namentlich Deutschland und Frankreich- werden laut Bericht[1] eines Havard Studenten mehr als 110 Webseiten nicht mehr gefunden, wenn Google fuer einen mit der "falschen" Nationalitaet sucht. Erste Stimmen forden sogar schon, Google zu verstaatlichen. [1]
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Google excluding controversial sites
Absent from Google's French and German listings are Web sites that are anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi or related to white supremacy, according to a new report from Harvard University's Berkman Center. Also banned is, a fundamentalist Christian site that is adamantly opposed to abortion.
The removed sites continue to appear in listings on the main site.
The duo found 113 excluded sites, most with racial overtones.
In the past, Germany has ordered Internet providers to block access to U.S. Web sites that post revisionist literature.
...Google replied by pledging to report future legal threats to the site run by law school clinics.
One Google competitor and critic even suggested that the wildly popular search engine be transformed into a government-controlled "public utility."
Google refused to reply to a list of questions that CNET sent via e-mail, including which sites have been delisted, how many sites have been delisted, what standards are used, and what other Google-operated sites have less-than-complete listings.
ccording to the Harvard report, some sites that Google does not list include, a "Chinese legal consultation network," and, a discount Web-hosting service and some conservative, anti-abortion religious sites. Those sites do not appear to violate either German or French laws.
Edelman, of Harvard's Berkman Center, suggests that Google find a way to alert users that information is missing from their search results.


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edited by Abdul Alhazred
published on: 2002-10-25
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