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Date: 2002-12-05

I submitted's PGP keys to the keyservers

... oder die Frage, warum seinen eigenen Schlüssel nicht auf die dafür vorgesehenen Server stellt. PGP 8.0 is out!
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The story began, when the new PGP Corporation launched their new PGP 8.0

I immediatley fetched the sourcecode, and wanted to compile it. I opened the .zip archive, and found another .zip archive and a nice digital signature included. So I wanted to very that signature:

> gpg
gpg: Unterschrift vom Die 03 Dez 2002 00:04:46 CET, DSA Schlüssel ID E8F99DB2
gpg: Schlüssel E8F99DB2 von wird angefordert ...
gpg: Keine gültigen OpenPGP-Daten gefunden.
gpg: Anzahl insgesamt bearbeiteter Schlüssel: 0
gpg: Unterschrift kann nicht geprüft werden: Öffentlicher Schlüssel nicht gefunden

I went to, and but I could not find the KeyID anywhere ...

So I went to the Support Website from PGP, and tried to contact the people there.

I was a bit puzzled, having to see that the form asked me a lot of personal questions, and they do not even use HTTPS/SSL/TLS to encrypt my personal data!

I guess that my contact got lost, because I only received an error message, which didn't make me feel comfortable too: error '800c0005' /SubsAndFunctions.asp, line 47
After some more searching for the Public Key of, I found it:

Key ID Name and Certificates Size
E8F99DB2 PGP Corporation Software Release Key 8.0.X
Fingerprint =
5343 AD1A 95CC 5593 D090 ECB3 5636 72C6 E8F9 9DB2 FC51 616E
E8F99DB2 PGP Corporation Software Release Key 8.0.X
CF73EC4C Will Price <>
B2D7795E Philip R. Zimmermann <>

So I went on, and submitted the key into my local keyring and to the keyservers on

And I got the following response:

Thank you for submitting your public keys to this server.

Results of your submission:

Your submission has been added to the key server database.
New public keys added : 1
New identifiers (userid's) added : 1
New certificates added : 4

So, I will have a look at the sourcecode now, and keep you informed about my findings ...

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edited by Sourcerer
published on: 2002-12-05
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