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Date: 2003-02-12

Was Chefs am dringendsten be/noetigen

"New Kerio Network Monitor 2.0 provides what chief executives need most [...] display of web pages visited at the moment and emails just being sent" Der Chef kann ab sofort mit einem Mausclick jeden Mitarbeiter luecken/los ueberwachen und Material gegen diesem Sammeln "and can use it if the performance is not satisfactory". Endlich kann jeder DAU Big Brother spielen. Hurra!
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das heutige Traum/maennlein bringt Euch ein koestliches Beispiel moderner PR-Texterei, für manche werden dadurch auch feuchte Traeume wahr... Für schlechten Schlaf nach Lesen der Mitteilung kann leider keine Haftung uebernommen werden.
Gute N8 sagt Eure

Kerio Network Monitor Snoops Around Employees

Kerio Introduced Network Monitoring Tool That Tracks All Internet and Email Activities of People Within Corporate Networks

Feb. 11
Worried about what your employees are doing during office hours? Right now, they might be surfing the Internet trying to find cheap flights for their next vacation or emailing friends. Not to worry, though! Now you can check up on them as they browse the Internet or send out private emails. Kerio Network Monitor displays all Internet activities on local network real-time.

New Kerio Network Monitor 2.0 provides what chief executives need most -- simple and non-technical graphic display of web pages visited at the moment and emails just being sent. The network monitor provides this information sorted in per-user order and a report of visited web pages for a day is a matter of one click.

"Once a company grows to more than a handful of employees, the problem of employee productivity immediately comes up," says Dusan Vitek, Director of Marketing for Kerio Technologies. "With Kerio Network Monitor, a company executive can get detailed documentation about each employee and can use it if the performance is not satisfactory or Internet activities are irrelevant to what an employee is supposed to do."

Unlike competitive products, the Kerio Network Monitor delivers an extensive amount of monitoring information that corporate customers seek. An administrator can obtain and view bandwidth usage in graphical form, transmitted data for individual workstations online, the active connections for individual workstations, visited websites, and sent and received emails with the sender or recipient's addresses. Moreover, Kerio Network Monitor allows the administrator to view the contents of visited websites and sent/received emails.

Pricing and Availability
[...] The Kerio Network Monitor 2.0 starts at US$199 for 25 users. For more detailed information about the Kerio Network Monitor or to download the trial version, please visit:

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edited by Babuschka
published on: 2003-02-12
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