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Date: 2003-10-11

NL: The Winners Big Brother Awards 2003

In Holland hat der Justizminister abgebissen - die übrigen Gewinner stehen weiter unten - in AT-Land wird noch nominiert. Wer immer sich im Jahr der Überwachung 2003 über Daten/schutz/schweine/reien schwarz geärgert hat, ist einge/laden, die Wut Schrift werden zu lassen.
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Logisch begründete Wutschriften, die Facts und URLs enthalten, hier einwerfen:
post/scrypt: Ersuchent höflich, außer der Firma Herold auch noch andere Kandidaten zu nennen. ;)
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Press release Bits of Freedom
October 11 2003, 20:30 PM


Tonight in Paradiso, Amsterdam, the Dutch Big Brother Awards were presented in front of a large audience. With the awards the person, company, governmental institution and initiative are rewarded for damaging the privacy of citizens in 2003 the most. The 4 winners of 2003 are: Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner; several major lawyer firms that have used the services of investigation office Mariendijk; the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the legal proposal to introduce compulsory identification.

According to the jury Donner seems to have a personal mission in the destruction of the right to privacy. "Isn't it so that Donner repeatedly mentions the necessity of a shift in the balance between privacy and safety? Isn't the same Minister of Justice a dedicated promoter of mandatory identification for new-born babies (be it that the age by now is 14 years)?", said member of the jury Lodewijk Asscher.

The second Big Brother Award is awarded to several Dutch lawyer firms for using the services of investigation office Mariendijk. Under false pretence the office managed to extract very privacy-sensitive information from banks and social security offices. Amongst the customers of Mariendijk were the firms Pels Rijcken en Droogleever Fortuijn (state advocate), Nauta Dutilh, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Houthoff Buruma and others.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) deserves the Award with the storage of all e-mails of all employees for an undetermined period of time. This violates the privacy-policy of the Ministry of Justice of which the IND is part. During research into the e-mail behaviour of employees of the IND, 2 year old e-mails were retrieved.

Finally the jury crowned the legal proposal for compulsory identification with an Orwellian Award. This proposal requires all persons to permanently wear ID from the age of fourteen. People unable to immediately show a valid passport, drivers license or identity card risk a fine of 2.250 euro. Every police officer, including military police, any extra-ordinary law enforcement agent and any police-related supervisor/watcher may ask for proof of identity. No substantiation is given why the current, limited identification obligations wouldn't suffice.

The jury of the Big Brother Awards 2003 consists of:

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm, lawyer;
Lodewijk Asscher, jurist;
Piet Beertema, internet pioneer;
Bart Jacobs, professor Information Security;
Karin Spaink, writer;
Corien Prins, professor Law and informatisation.

The Big Brother Awards ceremony is organised by Bits of Freedom, a non profit defending digital civil rights. In 2002 Bits of Freedom organised the first Dutch ceremony. Since Privacy International presented the first Big Brother Awards in 1998, an international tradition has begun. By now, more than 40 ceremonies have taken place in 15 different countries, during which more than a 100 Awards were presented.

Big Brother Awards Nederland 2003

Bits of Freedom

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2003-10-11
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