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Date: 2004-04-09 - Newsticker vom 9.4.2004

1.) US: Verteidigungsministerium in der RFID Offensive 2.) US: Privatsphäre in der Defensive 3.) US: Big Brother und das grosse Geschäft
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q/depeschen-Leser sind gewohnt Reflektionen aus dem internationalen und nationalen Newsbereich mit Schwerpunkt Privacy, Open Source die neuesten Infos zu lesen.
Andere Webseites sind ähnlich wie die Quintessenz mit mahnendem Zeigefinger unterwegs und zeigen solche Probleme rund um die Verletzung der Privatsphäre auf.
Eine Site daraus ist, wo wir die aktuellsten Newsletter für Sie heraus gepickt haben.

Wir hoffen, dass diese Kurznachrichten Gefallen finden und wünschen allen LeserINNEN ein frohes Osterfest im Namen des q/teams!


Defense Department is on a RFID Offensive

The Department of Defense is aggressively pursing a uniform government wide standard for RFID technology that they would like incorporated into all deliverables shipped on pallets or is cases by manufacturers who also supply a great many products found in local grocery and home improvement stores. Their plan is to following the same technology blueprint for RFID technology as the one announced by Wal-Mart. To coordinate the government wide effort for a uniform RFID policy they are recommending the development of an intergovernmental council.

Defense pushes for a single RFID standard, Government Computer News, April 7, 2004


Posted by administrator on April 08, 2004.
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The Privacy Defense

Rush Limbaugh’s attorney is seeking to suppress medical records obtained by investigators who sought evidence of doctor shopping by his client’s because his medical privacy was violated in the process. A judge has yet to rule on the defense motion, which has held up prosecution efforts involving the case. Prosecutors used search warrants, which precluded any prior legal challenge to their request to gain access to Limbaugh's medical records. The records are now in the custody of authorities, but at this time they are barred from using them to further their case against Limbaugh.

Limbaugh attorney blasts investigators, CNN Online, April 7, 2004


Posted by administrator on April 07, 2004.
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Big Brother is Now Becoming Big Business

Revolutionary biometric technological innovations, which were first offered under the guise of the U.S.-VISIT program, to identify and track foreign visitors while they are in the country, are making their way from the boarder to a product near you, in the form of credit cards and cell phones. With identity theft as the fastest growing crime in the United States the pressure is on for the financial and telecommunication industries to find effective ways to protect consumers and their bottom line - biometrics is offering them some hope. The adoption of new technology will present new opportunities to assess their privacy impacts - lets hope the conversations take place prior to the adoption of these innovations and not in the aftermath of failures.

Big Brother Inc., Time Magazine, March 29, 2004,9171,1101040405-605473,00.html


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edited by Doser
published on: 2004-04-09
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