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Date: 2004-04-24

Die Briten und die Biometrie

Nuhr zehn Prozent der Briten glauben, dass ihre persönlichen Daten bei Bürokratie und Regierung gut aufgehoben sind. ID-Cards wollen sie haben, bloß bezahlen wollen sie die nicht.
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01. National Identity Cards - The View of the British Publis - British
Public Survey - Commissioned by Detica and Conducted by Mori - April
2004 (20 pages pdf)

Britons favour ID cards if they are free - While four out of five UK
citizens support the idea of carrying ID cards, few are prepared to pay
for them. - 4NI Co (UK) - April 22, 2004

See also: ID cards: no data security fears - and no chance we'll pay for
them - Jo Best - Silicon.Com - April 22, 2004

***Brits are not just overwhelmingly in favour of ID cards; they want
them biometric, they want to carry them at all times and, most
importantly, they don't want to pay a thing to get them, according to a
survey of UK citizens published today.***,39024677,39120200,00.htm

See also: UK public wants ID cards, and thinks we'll screw up the IT -
By John Lettice - The Register (UK) - April 22, 2004

***But they don't want to pay for them, they're heavily sceptical about
the government's ability to implement IT projects successfully, and only
10 per cent of them are very confident about the government's ability to
hold personal information securely.***

See also: Blunkett: ID cards will not be 'cock-up' - by = Matthew
Tempest - The Guardian (UK) - April 22, 2004

*** The home secretary today was buoyed by an opinion poll finding that
80% of Britons would accept ID cards - and he promised the public their
introduction would not be a "cock-up".
David Blunkett is due to publish a draft bill on the controversial
measure next week, after a series of cabinet wrangles on introducing the
cards - which are expected to include biometric data as a security

02. Homeland Security - Viisage Puts On A Good Face - Penelope Patsuris
- Forbes Magazine - April 23, 2004

Source: "biometric bits" Mailing-list

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2004-04-24
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