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Date: 2004-04-26

US: Big Brother Awards 2004

Am 21.April 2004 im Rahmen der 14. Konferenz für Computer, Freiheit und Privatsphäre im Claremontresort in Berkley wurden die amerikanischen Big Brother Awards 2004 unter der Schirmherschaft von Epic und Privacyinternational abgehalten. Ein Positiv (Brandeis) Award ging an den kalifornischen Senator Jackie Speier. Ein Negativ-Award an das Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange Program (MATRIX).
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EPIC, PI hold Big Brother Awards
EPIC and Privacy International held the 2004 US Big Brother Awards at the Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy. California Senator Liz Figueroa received a Brandeis Award for her excellent work to protect and champion privacy.

"Most Invasive Proposal" went to Seisint for its role in creating the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange Program (MATRIX).

"Worst Agency" went to the Transportation Security Administration for its operation of the

"No-Fly" lists. "Greatest Corporate Invader" went to NorthWest Airlines for its provision of passenger information to the government.

For more information, see the Privacy International Big Brother Awards Page.



Chris Hoofnagle,
Electronic Privacy Information Center

David Banisar
Privacy International

Jason Catlett
President, Junkbusters Inc.

Evan Hendricks
Publisher, Privacy Times

Lewis Lapham
Editor, Harper's Magazine

James Love
Director, Consumer Project on Technology

Wayne Madsen
Senior Fellow, Electronic Privacy Information Center

Conrad Martin
Director, Fund for Constitutional Government

Bob Smith
Editor, Privacy Journal

Nadine Strossen
President, American Civil liberties Union

US BBA 2004 Nomination Form
Nomination Deadline: March 1, 2004

Most Invasive Proposal:

Previous winners include:

Total Information Awareness
Expanded Computer Assisted Passenger Profiling Program (CAPPSII)
FBI's Carnivore
Federal Aviation Administration for Bodyscan Technology
FDIC 'Know Your Customer'

Greatest Corporate Invader:

Previous winners include:

Delta Airlines
Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle
Elensys Inc.

Worst Public Official:

Previous winners include:

Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh
Attorney General John Ashcroft
City of Tampa, Florida
William Dailey & US Department of Commerce
Representative Bill McCollum

The Admiral John Poindexter Lifetime Menace Award:

Previous winners include:

Osama Bin Laden
Admiral John Poindexter
National Security Agency
Trans Union

We also give Brandeis Awards for those have done exemplary work to protect and champion privacy.

Brandeis Award:

Previous winners include:

Joyce Meskis of the Tattered Cover Bookstore
California State Sen Jackie Speier
Evan Hendricks, Privacy Times
Julie Brill, Assistant Attorney General of Vermont
Beth Givens, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Robert Ellis Smith, Privacy Journal
Richard Smith,
Phil Zimmerman, Creator of Pretty Good Privacy

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edited by Doser
published on: 2004-04-26
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