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Datamining NSA II - Public Intelligence

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The aim of the Public Intelligence Service is to create a publically owned shared intelligence resource for the open society. We are inviting projects, individuals and agencies to contribute to the creation of this shared resource. The official Launch is at the 1st of April, 19.00, MQ Vienna, Electric Avenue.
There have been a number of projects that have emerged spontaneously and independently around the globe with similar aspirations. The time and general climate is right for such an initiative. We are inviting partners from anywhere in the world to join and invest time and resources in this project. We offer a safe haven for whistle blowers, secrets and the development of strategic initiatives on behalf of the open society.

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We offer and develop real services and products, directed by our partners, within the terms of our member agreement as detailed openly on our web site. The Public Intelligence Service is registered as a Limited Liability company under UK law. Membership is free and open to any individual or organisation that subscribes to the member agreement and mission statement as listed on the web site -

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25. Oktober 2023
Big Brother Awards Austria
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