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Date: 2002-10-27

BBA: Eine Hymne fuer die Welt

Nachdem sich die Nebel des 26. Oktober, der wie jedes Jahr Morgenstunden/mäßig sowas von einem 27.Oktober wurde, langsam gehoben haben, blicken wir kurz einmal zurück. Die Big Brother Awards [12 Länder] haben erstmals eine internationale "Hymne", die ausgerechnet aus AT-Land kommt.
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Was sonst noch in den frühen bis reichlich späteren Morgenstunden geschah, ist tunlich der hierorts attachierten Mail an die Speakers der "Liberties lost" Konferenz sowie den Links zu entnehmen.

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Dear speakers,

It was a great pleasure to have you all here in Vienna. Fortunately most of
the conference crew were able to celebrate with us the Big Brother Awards.
From 10 p.m. the main entrance of "Flex" had to be closed several times
beacuase there were more than 700 inside. All in all it should have been the
usual amount of 1000 people plus, at a conservative estimate.

tons of congress photos

selected big brother awards photographs

Tons of bba photographs

[anybody wanting photos in a printable resolution pls contact Miki, the owner

We do not have an idea how many people actually worked to make awards, party
and the congress possible. Should have been around fifty all in all who
contributed their time and skills.

Just to tell you how that all ended last night. After five live acts on stage,
by four in the morning, the international Big Brother Hymn was officially
selected and presented by Simon and Doris. It was the first piece of the
show, if you remember - here it is.

Towards five a load of small cakes with chocolate cockroaches on them was
served and something pretty unusal happened. The "Flex" ran out of beer and
coffee. People danced until six or so.

We do hope that the quintessential blend of hacktivism, journalist
brutishness, underground music culture and applied civil libertarianism did
not offend your refined senses ;)

Hope you have enjoyed your stay. cu again in Freud's Own City or somewhere
else on the globe
Erich M

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2002-10-27
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