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Date: 2004-09-02

US: Egosurfing für Einreisewillige empfohlen

Das US-Behörden immer mehr Datenbanken und Computersysteme zur Beschaffung ihrer Daten heranziehen, dokumentiert sich laufend an unterschiedlichsten Stellen - hierbei wird die Qualität und Vertraunswürdigkeit der jeweiligen Quelle auch schon mal vernachlässigt: Quantität wird zur Wahrheit.
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post/scrypt: Es werden nur noch nicht-kontroversielle Denker gewünscht.

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[International Herald Tribune - Print 1.Sept.2004 - Web 31.Aug]

In 20 years of studying and teaching philosophy, I have learned to appreciate the inherent difficulty in defining the truth. (...) Over the years, I have also learned that in the world of the mass media, truth is not based on clarity but on frequency. Repeated suspicions become a truth; (...)
I was reminded of this lesson during the past few weeks, when, after having been granted a visa to teach at the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana, by the U.S. government, it was revoked without explanation at the last minute, causing grief for my family and me.
I am constantly being told the "truth" about who I am: "You are a controversial figure." "You engage in double talk, delivering a gentle message in French and English and a radical, even extremist one in Arabic or to Muslim audiences in private." "You have links with extremists." "You are an anti-Semite." "You despise women." And so on.
When I ask about the source of this information, invariably the response is: This is well-known; check the Internet and you will find thousands of pages referencing it.

Mehr davon

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edited by Mac Gyver
published on: 2004-09-02
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