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Date: 2004-12-17

Microsoft: Kreuzzug mit Pat/enten

Das Wettrüsten um Pat/ente hat gerade erst begonnen, und wie in der Stellungnahme von Steve Ballmer [Microsoft] zu entnehmen ist, nicht ohne Grund. Über eine Freigabe für den Einsatz von Trivialpatenten könnte die EU-Kommission noch vor Weihnachten entscheiden.
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Microsoft, Autodesk sign patent pact

Microsoft has been stepping up its activity on the patent front, ramping up its own filings and at the same time trying to ink cross-license deals with other tech companies. Microsoft has been using the combined power as a marketing vehicle against Linux and noting that it indemnifies its customers against potential patent infringement claims.

[ ... ]

Microsoft has signed similar deals with Cisco Systems, SAP and Siemens and has hopes of inking as many as 30 such pacts in the next five years. Microsoft is currently in talks with about a dozen companies on potential patent-swapping alliances, Kaefer said.

Use Linux and you will be sued, Ballmer tells governments

"Some day," he continued, "for all countries that are entering the WTO [World Trade Organization], somebody will come and look for money owing to the rights for that intellectual property."

[ ... ]

This reference is possibly more interesting than the infringement number scare itself, because it suggests that Microsoft sees the wider implementation of corporation-friendly IP law that is part of the entry ticket to the WTO as being a weapon that can be used against software rivals.

[ ... ]

... what about all of those countries who're already members of the WTO? They should perhaps also get the message about how Microsoft sees IP law being used in the future. Which might well have a helpful collateral damage effect in Europe, if Europe's leaders are paying attention.

Rechtsgutachten bestätigt München in seinem Linux-Kurs

"Die rechtlichen Risiken für den Kern des Linux-Betriebs sind demnach gering"

[ ... ]

Das "Drumherum" könnte aber die ein oder andere Herausforderung mit sich bringen. Insbesondere dann, "wenn bei unseren Eigenentwicklungen Trivialpatente greifen", erklärte Hoegner. Als Beispiele nannte er unter anderem den in den USA Microsoft bereits gewährten gesetzlichen Monopolschutz für bestimmte Formen des Doppelklicks[5] sowie ähnlich gestrickte europäische Patente.

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edited by Chris
published on: 2004-12-17
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