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Date: 2006-07-29

ID-Cards: Die Briten uebernehmen sich

Wie es aussieht, so haben sich die Briten mit der Einführung einer Nationalen ID-Card etwas übernommen. Daten von Fingerprints und Irisscan auf RFID-Chips, aber keine Public-Key-Infrastruktur, um die Daten vor Auslesen durch Dritte zu schützen und das bei Kosten von neun, vielleicht auch 27 Milliarden Euro.
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post/scrypt: Wer hat da schon wieder "Sicherheit hat halt ihren Preis" gesagt?

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Plans for a mandatory national ID card in the United Kingdom have stalled after internal emails revealing severe problems with the plan were leaked from the UK's Home Office. The plan, originally scheduled to roll out in 2008, is now subject to further review and likely rescheduling, according to the government. Opponents of the plan, however, are pointing to the delay as evidence that the plan is unworkable.

Despite public assertions from Home Office officials and Prime Minister Blair that the ID cards would combat terrorism, crime, illegal immigration and fraud, the internal emails, leaked to the Sunday Times, reveal that officials privately doubted that the plans were feasible or effective. One email states that the plans "lack clear benefits from which to demonstrate a return on investment." Another reveals that, due to fears that the plan cannot be implemented, a "face-saving," scaled-back plan could be introduced, where personal information and biometric data is stored in a national database, but not printed on cards.

The original plan called for a mandatory ID card that would bear the holder's name, address, photograph, and other biometric data, such as iris scans and fingerprints. Government officials have placed the cost of the scheme at around 6 billion pounds, whereas a study last year by the London School of Economics estimated the cost at closer to 19.2 billion pounds. The report also noted that the card scheme faced massive technical issues, created potential security risks, and faced widespread opposition from UK citizens. Furthermore, the study found that creation of the national database would likely run afoul of a number of national laws and international agreements.

A recent report on counter-terrorism by the Home Office also failed to mention the ID cards as part of Britain's national security strategy, raising additional doubts as to the viability of the card plan.

Leaked Emails from the Home Office:,,2087-2261631,00.html

London School of Economics 2005 Study of the ID Card Plan:

London School of Economics 2006 Study (pdf):

EPIC's National ID Card Page:

Privacy International on National ID Cards:

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2006-07-29
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